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PAT Testing service for beauty salons

PAT Testing service for beauty salons

Why do beauty salons require PAT Testing?


PAT Testing involves the examination of electrical appliances within a workplace to ensure their safety and functionality.

Hair and beauty salon equipment undergoes heavy daily usage, posing risks of damage from wear and tear, exposure to moisture, or accidental dropping. Performing a visual inspection of appliances before each use is recommended to promptly identify and address any issues or damages.

In salon environments, PAT Testing is an essential component of Health and Safety compliance. Compliance entails maintaining records of testing and maintenance for each appliance, ensuring the safety of both customers and staff from electrical hazards. However, prioritizing safety doesn't necessarily entail exorbitant annual expenses for testing.

Our PAT Testing service for salons

We offer a competitive and reliable PAT Testing service with prices from just 75p per item.


We are based in Speke, Liverpool, however, we carry out PAT Testing on hair and beauty salons across Merseyside. We have clients in Chester, St Helens, Southport, Huyton and across the whole of Liverpool.


Regardless if it's one salon or a portfolio of salons we have a PAT testing solution for you. Our trained and accredited engineers use the latest in handheld PAT Testing equipment. This ensures testing is quick and efficient; ensuring minimal disruption.


Our service includes


  • In-service Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment

  • Visual inspection

  • 110V & 240V

  • Microwave oven leak test

  • Professional management of your assets

  • Certified and trained engineers

  • Pass/fail test results & completion Certificates

  • Pass and fail labels on all items

  • Free fuse replacement (as required Free of Charge)

  • Plug re-wiring and replacement

  • Repair service offered for most minor repairs

What do beauty salons need PAT Testing?


Salons must conduct a comprehensive visual examination and inspection of their electrical appliances. It's recommended to perform this assessment annually, although frequency may vary based on usage patterns.

Adhering to Health and Safety regulations necessitates maintaining detailed records of appliance testing and maintenance. These records should include information on the individual who conducted the checks and the date of inspection. Commonly inspected items in salons include hair dryers, lights, heaters, and office equipment.


Our experience 


With 40 years of electrical experience, our testers possess extensive knowledge across various property types. Our diverse clientele includes hotels, spas, salons, nail bars, and barbers. Our PAT Testers are accustomed to adapting to different environments and are skilled at problem-solving when issues occur.

Hairdresser equipment
Ranted property
Holiday homes

What to expect


Our team offer a hassle-free PAT Testing service from start to finish for hair and beauty salons. Call or email one of friendly staff for a instant quote. Once you are happy with the quote we will arrange a time and date to fit around you.


On the day of testing our engineers will arrive at your salon on time and ready to test. To aid our engineers we will ask for you to ensure all the items are easily accessible and their locations are identified prior to the visit.


Our engineers typically have the capacity to conduct PAT Testing for approximately 150-200 items per day. For a salon, we usually allocate a few hours. Each item undergoes thorough testing and is labeled with a test sticker indicating its pass or fail status. Before departing, our engineers ensure that all items are returned to their original positions and that all appliances are left in a safe condition.


Upon completion of the testing, you will receive an email containing a certificate along with a comprehensive report detailing the status of each item tested. The certificate serves as formal documentation that the responsible party has taken the requisite steps to ensure the safety of the electrical appliances. The accompanying detailed report will clearly indicate whether each item has passed or failed the tests, providing a thorough assessment of their condition. This documentation is essential for compliance and safety verification purposes.

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Let us keep you safe and compliant

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