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PAT Testing for company insurance policies

Is PAT Testing a legal requirement?

PAT Testing

Claims that PAT Testing is a legal requirement and if not carried out is breaking the law, are not true. However, the law does require that electrical equipment is safe and properly maintained. PAT Testing is a simple way to achieve this. Most electrical appliances require a combined formal visual test and inspection every 12 months. This can vary depending on usage of the electrical appliances.

Company insurance policies

Many company insurance policies today require all PAT Testing to be carried out on a regular basis, even though PAT Testing is not a legal requirement. The reason is that PAT Testing offers a full plant list of appliances and test results for each item. This allows you to fulfil your health and safety obligations in a quick and simple way.

Frequent and competent PAT Testing is one of the simplest steps you could make to reduce the risk of fire. Therefore it is fair to say PAT Testing should be an integral part of your overall health and safety policy. This is the reason a lot of insurance companies like businesses to demonstrate they have carried out inspections.

If you are unfortunate enough to be the victim of fire, a failure to prove that electrical appliances have been tested may mean your insurance cover is invalid.

How can we help?

We are an independent PAT Testing company based in Liverpool. Our team work for domestic, commercial and industrial clients throughout the North West of England.

Our team offer a hassle-free PAT Testing service from start to finish. Call or email one of our friendly staff for an instant quote. Once you are happy with the quote we will arrange a time and date to fit around you.

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Please call 0151 486 6760 or email

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